OSU Campaign Toolkit

There are several opportunities for OSU students, faculty, staff and administrators to get involved and help promote United Way. The best way to help United Way of Payne is to get involved: Attend an event, volunteer, make a donation, share information through Facebook, Twitter or even your regular email correspondence.


The tools on this page are here to help OSU Captains and Coordinators run a successful campaign in your department. If you have questions or need additional information, contact United Way at 405-377-2161.


Campaign Toolkit

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Participate in one of the many events being held on campus to raise money for United Way.

If you have a great idea for a United Way fundraiser in your area, work with your area coordinator/captains to organize it. New events can be added to our events page by emailing info@unitedwaypaynecounty.org.

Before you set a date, time and location, check the OSU UW calendar and the OSU calendar for conflicts. 

Reserve space/venue.

Email your event name, date, time, location and a short description to info@unitedwaypaynecounty.org or to julie.weathers@okstate.edu or ken.eastman@okstate.edu. This will ensure your event is added to the OSU calendar of events, OSU UW calendar, linked on the UWPC Facebook page and linked in OSU Headlines.

Tell people! Email employees in your area, post flyers (requires approval from Campus Life), chalk (requires approval from Campus Life), invite friends on Facebook (UWPC can create a Facebook event if you like), post to unit/department/college website.

Take pictures and share them on the UWPC facebook and twitter page. 

Make your deposit promptly after the event.

Fundraisers should be listed on the deposit form with a total for checks and a total for cash.  Adding machine tape or spreadsheet must be included to show the check totals.  Fundraiser amounts will be attributed to the department sponsoring the fundraiser, not to the individual donors.


Like the United Way of Payne County Facebook page and suggest your friends do the same. Through this page, you can get updates on the campaign news and upcoming events, while interacting with other UWPC supporters.

If you would like a Facebook event created on the United Way of Payne County page, be sure to email info@unitedwaypaynecounty.org



If you have a personal or departmental Twitter account, please follow @UWPayneCounty, and share news about OSU and UWPC. Include the words "United Way," "LIVE UNITED" or the hashtags #UWPC #LIVEUNITED in your tweet if you want it to appear in our search feed.

You might also consider including the hashtag #stwok or #okstate to reach people searching for Stillwater or OSU news.