SingleCare Prescription Card

SingleCare Prescription Card

FamilyWize, which has been helping United Way communities save on their prescription medications since 2008, is officially combining the brand with SingleCare, a national leader in prescription savings cards. FamilyWize is now known as SingleCare. 

United Ways and FamilyWize Community Service Partnership collaborated to bring greater stability to communities nationwide. We know from experience that families living on the edge never struggle with just one issue; it’s the combination of several problems piling up that prevents families from finding stability and truly thriving. 

At United Way of Payne County, we partner with SingleCare (FamilyWize) to increase the Health and Financial Stability of families in our communities. Through their prescription savings card, SingleCare works to make prescription medications more affordable for all families, so that no one ever has to make the hard choice between the meds they need, and other basics like food or rent. 

SingleCare cards can reduce prescription drug costs by an average of 35%

Cards are available to:

  • Anyone who does not currently have health insurance
  • Anyone who does not have prescription coverage
  • Anyone who is purchasing a medication not covered by their insurance