Workplace Campaign

You have your packet, now what?

Please give everyone in your organization an opportunity to donate by distributing the pledge cards and brochures provided in this packet. The best way to have a successful campaign is to encourage your coworkers to donate and to incorporate fun fundraising activities into your campaign. Plan to have everything turned in to United Way by November 30th.


How to have a successful Campaign. 

Corporate Gift: Many businesses will match their employee’s donations to double the impact and rally employees. 
Workplace Giving Campaign: Distribute pledge cards and ask employees to give.
Fundraising Activities: Coordinating fundraisers in your business and throughout the community is a good way to bring your employees together while raising money for a good cause.


We didn't receive enough materials, what do we do?

If you need more pledge cards or brochures, call 405-377-2161 and we will bring more to your office. You can also find all materials including videos, logos, and more on our website at


I'm not good at planning events, what should I do?

Examples of fundraising activities are available on our website. If you need help planning an activity, call the United Way office at 405-377-2161. Typically the more your coworkers can learn about United Way, the more successful the event will be. You can find our campaign video and other materials on our website at To schedule a United Way representative to speak during one of your events or staff meetings, call 405-377-2161.


I have everyone's pledge card, what do I do with them?

Once you have collected everyone’s pledge cards and donations and your fundraising events are completed, you can call 405-377-2161 to have a representative pick up the packet or you can drop off the packet at the United Way office, 109 E. Ninth Ave., Stillwater, OK 74074.


I need more information!

Visit our website at, or call 405-377-2161.