Deposit Procedures


The tools on this page are here to help OSU Captains and Coordinators understand the deposit procedures at OSU. If you have any questions about deposit procedures contact Lynette Rhea at 405-744-4188. If you need to drop off your deposits and forms you can do so at 207 Whitehurst. 


Deposit Procedures

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Prior to making a deposit, the Captain (or designated individual) should prepare a deposit form. The deposit form can be here. You will find a sample Deposit form below. With each deposit, an electronic copy should be sent to Lynette Rhea ( and a hard copy should accompany each deposit. Prepare the cash/checks as you would any deposit: cash by denominations and separated from checks. Verify totals before delivery.

Fundraisers should be listed on the deposit form with one total for checks and one total for cash. Adding machine tape or spreadsheet should be included to show check totals. Fundraiser amounts will be attributed to the department sponsoring the event, not the individual participants.

When requesting a Payroll Deduction, the donation card must be completed with Banner ID. For Bi-weekly employees, the amount pledged will be taken from the first paycheck of each month. There is a minimum $5.00 monthly contribution for payroll deductions. No contributions will be taken from paychecks until January 2021.

If a $0.00 contribution is made, it is not necessary to return a pledge card.

Unlike previous campaigns, you will not be asked to wait while each deposit is verified by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Administration & Finance. You will be notified via e-mail if a discrepancy should occur. Once the deposit is verified, a receipt will be emailed back to the submitting department. 

Due to so many individuals telecommuting: When requesting a Payroll Deduction, the donation card must be completed with Banner ID but we will NOT require a signature. This allows a captain to complete a card at the request of an individual who may not physically be on campus to sign the form. We will need for each department to keep a file within the department that includes an email or some type of permission from the individual to complete the card and submit without signature.  On the signature line of the card simply write “per email on file”. 

The Office of the Associate Vice President will be open to receive departmental deposits on Tuesdays 3:00PM – 5:00PM and on Fridays 9:30AM – 11:30AM. Please deliver your deposit to 207 Whitehurst and place in the box labeled “United Way” at the front desk. All cash, checks and donation cards should be stored in a locked, safe place until you bring it to Whitehurst. Deposits should be delivered no later than the next drop off time available.  If you need to make arrangements for a different drop off time please contact Lynette Rhea at or by calling (405) 744-4188.

Deposit Form


Each Department/Captain is responsible for collecting pledge cards and/or funds collected for the United Way.

All contributions should be coordinated through the departmental captain or area coordinator.

If a person is requesting payroll deduction, make sure the employee's Banner ID is included.

Make sure to resolve any differences on the individual's pledge card.

If a person makes a $0.00 contribution, it is not necessary to return the pledge card.

Minimum of $5 per month.

Bi-weekly employees, the amount indicated will be deducted from the first paycheck of each month. 

Before you set a date, time and location, check the OSU UW calendar and the OSU calendar for conflicts. 

Reserve space/venue.

Email your event name, date, time, location and a short description to or to This will ensure your event is added to the OSU calendar of events, OSU UW calendar, linked on the UWPC Facebook page and linked in OSU Headlines.

Tell people! Email employees in your area, post flyers (requires approval from Campus Life), chalk (requires approval from Campus Life), invite friends on Facebook (UWPC can create a Facebook event if you like), post to unit/department/college website.

Take pictures and share them on the UWPC facebook and twitter page. 

Make your deposit promptly after the event.

Fundraisers should be listed on the deposit form with a total for checks and a total for cash.  Adding machine tape or spreadsheet must be included to show the check totals.  Fundraiser amounts will be attributed to the department sponsoring the fundraiser, not to the individual donors.