Leadership Giving


Looking for a way to create real, lasting change?

By joining the Leaders Society, you become part of a collective group that drives great community change in Payne County.  Last year,  371 residents chose to lead by example with a contribution totaling $498,505, reaching over 52% of the $950,000 goal.

Help create lasting change in Payne County by joining the Leaders Society. Make a donation of $500 or more to join this group of difference makers. 

Leadership giving brings with it the great satisfaction of being the change to those who are struggling in our community. It is also your chance to be part of the solution—to connect and be recognized with others who share your commitment to doing more.

View the Leaders Society brochure here.



What is United Way’s Leaders Society?
United Way of Payne County’s Leaders Society is a group of elite donors who have a passion for helping others and is a powerful demonstration of commitment to the community. Working together, people like you are leading the way to a brighter tomorrow.


How to get involved
By donating $500 or more you will qualify for recognition as a leadership giver. Being in the Leaders Society is as simple as donating $1.37 per day or $42 per month. United Way of Payne County makes giving as convenient as possible through online donations, monthly billing or payroll deductions.


Here’s what $1.37 a day or $42 a month can provide:
• 14 meals to a Mobile Meals client.
• Care for one medically deprived patient at the Stillwater Community Health Center.
• Counseling for a client to break the drug abuse cycle at the Payne County Drug Court.
• Four days of care and social interaction at the LIFE Adult Day Center.
• A home for a day for a child or teenager at the Payne County Youth Services Shelter.


Questions? Call 405-377-2161 or email ruth@unitedwaypaynecounty.org