Oklahoma State University's 2020 Campaign for United Way will kick-off on Wednesday, September 23.

OSU's goal is $275,000 and helps make the $950,000 United Way of Payne County goal.






1. Plan a fundraiser
Work with others in your department to plan a fundraiser. For virtual event ideas, click here. 
2. Make a Pledge
Pledges are a commitment made during the campaign and paid in smaller increments throughout 2021 through the payroll department. Pledges are a great way to make your further your donation to make a collective impact for our community. 
3. Get involved
Volunteer and be active in your department's fundraising and participate in other department's fundraising as well! 

Looking for a way to create real, lasting change?

By joining the Leaders Society, you become part of a collective group that drives great community change in Payne County.
Last year, 371 residents chose to lead by example with a contribution totaling $498,505, reaching over 52% of the $950,000 goal.
Help create lasting change in Payne County by joining the Leaders Society. Make a donation of $500 or more to join this group of difference makers.



Meet your Campaign Chair


Chris Orsmbee
Associate Provost & Director
Outreach, Online Education, & Institute for
Teaching and Learning Excellence



Oklahoma State University allows faculty and staff members to participate in the annual United Way campaign through payroll deduction and fundraisers held on campus. OSU is the largest campaign contributor for United Way's campaign. By participating in OSU and United Way's annual campaign, you are making a collective impact on our community. 



Coordinators throughout OSU volunteer to organize each department's annual campaign. Coordinators work with the OSU-United Way campaign chair to determine goals, events and the best way to allow each employee the opportunity to donate. 

Employees are asked to participate in events, to make a one-time donation or a pledge to United Way through payroll deduction. 


Do you plan on hosting an event? Email it to ivy@unitedwaypaynecounty.org to be added to the calendar.