110% Club

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Any person who increases their pledge or gift by 10% over the previous year is elegible to win a $110 gift card and will be listed on this page as a member of the 110% club. 


Why your increase is so important to United Way:

United Way of Payne County anticipates challenges in reaching our annual campaign goal due to the many ramifications of the pandemic our community is experiencing.  In fact, times like these are the very reason our safety net of nonprofit agencies is so imperative.

We are actively responding to the need, and we invite you to join us! If you are able, please give 110%!


110% Club Members

Gladeen Allred
Steve & Patty Armbruster
John & Jenifer Bartley
Lowell & Marilyn Barto
Jerry & Judy Bettis
Vera Bilyeu
Baker & Nan Bokorney 
Rob & Toni Coleman  
Terry & Jan Courtright
Steve Cundiff
Ken & Laurie Eastman
Karim & Carolyn Farajollahi
Rex & Judith Finnegan
Kevin & Kris Fowler
Gerald Frank
Randy & Bonnie Freeland

Mary Frye
Martin & Janet Hagan
Jim & Ann Halligan

Joanne Hamilton
Charles & Carol Headrick
Ivy Hill
John Houck
Michael & Velda Lorenz
Jim & Joann Lundsford
Bob & Peggy McCormick
Kay Murphy
Steve & Dianna Norman
David Parrack
Larry & Beverly Perkins
Carol Ann Powell
Lynn & Denise Roberts
Candace Robinson
Ramesh & Usha Sharda 
Shane & Latina Simmons
Ray and Kay Smith
Jacob & Megan Stone
Norvin & Barbara Stunkel
Larry & Jane Swinney
Steve & Pat Tweedie
Bernice Walker
Clem & Mimi Ward 
Gayle & Pat Ward
Robert & Grace Wettemann
Kenneth & Sarah Wiley
Glenna Williams